The Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario is La Slague’s official box office. Tickets can be purchased:


Through the TNO’s secure online box office

In person

At 21, Lasalle Boulevard, Sudbury (Ontario), next to Collège Boréal

By phone

Call: 705-525-5606, ext. 4.

Upcoming Shows

Q&A: Accessibility and special needs

How many spots are available for wheelchairs in the concert halls used by La Slague?

Spaces are reserved for persons in wheelchairs and an accompanying person in all concert halls.
At Laurentian University’s Fraser Auditorium, 11 spots are reserved for wheelchairs and additional spots can be provided if needed.
At Collège Boréal’s Trisac Auditorium, 8 spots are reserved for wheelchairs: 4 in the upper section and 4 in the lower section of the hall.

Are there reserved parking spots for persons with reduced mobility near the entrance of the venues?

Reserved parking spots for vehicles with a handicap parking permit are available near the entrance of the venues.
At Laurentian University, 5 spots are located in Lot 1, near the entrance to Fraser Auditorium.
At Collège Boréal, 5 spots are located in Lot B3, near the entrance to Trisac Auditorium.

Are there accessible washrooms for persons with reduced mobility?

At Laurentian University, the men’s and women’s washrooms on the main floor (foyer) are accessible.
At Collège Boréal, the washrooms near the Trisac Auditorium (3 rd and 4 th floors) are accessible.

Other useful information:

At Laurentian University, two elevators are available to access Level 0 (mezzanine) where the spots for persons with reduced mobility are located.

La Slague's Evolution

La Slague was established in 1964 by the Centre des jeunes de Sudbury. After many years of success, La Slague went dormant, and then reappeared for a time in the mid-1980s as a community-based volunteer organization. With La Slague’s renaissance in 2006 as part of the Carrefour francophone, a third generation of concert promotion activities was afoot.