The 9th Nuit émergente : Face B

May 20, 2023 at 5:30pm

The 9th Nuit émergente

A dozen artists playing musical hide-and-seek all over the building. At every turn, you just might find the next big thing, or your new favourite band. A free-form festival where you choose your own adventure, and where there are no bad choices. Wherever you end up is exactly where you’re meant to be. La Nuit Émergente has been creating memorable musical encounters in unconventional spaces for nearly 10 years now.

Crank your turntables and place the needle, here’s the line-up: Joly, Marc-André Labelle, Martine Fortin, Cayenne, Kimya, McLean and Rosie Valland! 

The party ends at the Townehouse Tavern’s “Aft’heure” starting at 11pm with Montreal’s feminist and anti-capitalist queer rapper Calamine, the return of Rouge Pompier, two guys in a two-piece rock band, and DJ Deux Bums, two delinquents behind the turntables with a passion for obscure and rhythmic tunes !

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Please note that there will be no assigned seating for this event.

Other activities!

The “Foire à ta tête!”

The activities begin at 3 PM with the “Foire à ta tête!”, a local fair of francophone producers. Come and discover the products of Papaya Pops, Celine’s Boutique, Macramoé du Nord, Jasmine’s Designs, Michelle Loubert, Mien-Môh, Chemistry and Craft, Culeip and Prise de parole in the Librairie-Boutique and Atrium Italiano of Place des Arts! Producers will be there until 9 pm. Admission to the fair is free!


Projet :: Projections

Don’t miss the opening of the Project: Projections at 5pm at the Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario. This project will bring together multimedia works by twelve emerging artists from the region!

The Total Event Pass

The Total Event Pass gives you access to all the performances, all the venues and all the excitement of the 9th Nuit émergente, with a discount price to boot! Best of all, it’s clear and simple: its gets you in everywhere so you don’t miss out on anything.

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The creation of this year's poster artwork

The visual for this edition was conceptualized by a group of high school students participating in the promotional component of the Radio-Chaud contest presented by the Conseil scolaire du Grand Nord. The students wanted to create a visual that combined a mythical viral Internet creature on a Sudbury-centric Stranger Things-inspired backdrop.

The final result is a monster silhouette inspired by Siren Head, a fictional being created by Canadian artist Trevor Henderson, backlit by a glowing SNO Lab neutrino detector, located 6800 feet below ground. The creative workshop and final design were led by the team at Studio123.

La Slague's Evolution

La Slague was established in 1964 by the Centre des jeunes de Sudbury. After many years of success, La Slague went dormant, and then reappeared for a time in the mid-1980s as a community-based volunteer organization. With La Slague’s renaissance in 2006 as part of the Carrefour francophone, a third generation of concert promotion activities was afoot.

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