La Slague Launches its 2022-2023 Season : Off the Beaten Path

La Slague du Carrefour francophone is proud to present its 17th season of concerts, and to invite you to venture off the beaten path.

Trust us. We know a place.

Never been? Even better. You may not know what awaits you, but you’ll never forget it. The space is new, the path is worn. Let’s push just a little further.

This year, we’re stepping out. Out of our comfort zones. Join us, won’t you?

This renewal will be evident in all facets of La Slague, from the feel-good programming to the addition of new team members, including a new artistic director. Add to that all the possibilities that Place des Arts has to offer, and you’ll understand why we’re so eager to see you throughout the 2022-2023 season.

La Totale Subscription is Back!

A show presented by La Slague is a moment of happiness! And subscription ticket holders enjoy it even more! With a 40% discount on all shows and festivals, the option of reserving their seats, and prime news shared in advance, subscribers are the rockstars of the season!

I’m subscribing!

Give Yourself the Gift of a Good Time!

Laughter, chuckles and moments as funny as the comedians on stage await you with three comedy shows throughout the 2022-2023 season. Give yourself the gift of a good time with the “Forfait fou de rire” and you’ll receive a ticket to La veillée des éveillés, the “Juste pour rire” show and another comedy show that will be confirmed soon!

Let’s get tickets!

La Slague Retakes the Solidarity Pricing System

For the 2021-2022 season, Carrefour francophone and La Slague decided to let the public decide how much to pay to attend our shows or purchase our artistic products. Why are we doing this?

  • Because rich and rewarding cultural experiences should be available to everyone, regardless of their financial situation.
  • Because all of Sudbury’s Francophones and Francophiles should be welcome in a supportive and vibrant community.
  • Because belonging to a culture and the quality of life fostered by the arts are human rights.

This season, La Slague retakes the solidarity pricing system to still offer comfort and flexibility to its public in post-pandemic times.

Let’s get tickets!

Stef Paquette Symphonique at the French Fest

Sure, you’ve probably already seen Stef Paquette on stage… But you’ve never seen him like this! The exponential man is taking a symphonic leap off the beaten path he’s been carving for over thirty years. Accompanied by 8 musicians from the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra and conductor, Joshua Woods, Stef will explore new dimensions of his original compositions as seen by three Franco-Ontarian composers and arrangers : Alex Millaire, Luc Martin and Victor Herbiet. Stef is an artist who likes to push his limits in order to stake out new ground, and this event, produced by La Slague, will enable him to do just that!

La veillée des éveillés

Franco-Ontarian comedy is on the rise these days, and a number of rising stars are making a name for themselves in the field. La Slague will put many of them in the spotlight in an exciting evening of festival-style entertainment at the Place des Arts. A great line-up of comedians will be there including Jonathan Dion, Evelyne Roy-Molgat and Improtéine!

Vincent Vallières

Bolstered by a twenty-year career, seven landmark albums and three Félix awards, including Performer of the Year, Vincent Vallières tells the story of the beauty and shortcomings of an everyday North American life filled with hope. Now, he has found a second wind, marked by a desire to explore certain sounds and avenues less travelled, while retaining the evocative power that distinguishes him. Vincent Vallières will cheerfully revisit his impressive repertoire to offer you a show in his image: friendly, lively and authentic.

Surprise Show During “La semaine de l’immigration”

A celebration of the cultures and traditions that define us, in a spirit of discovery, sharing and understanding, under this year’s theme for National Francophone Immigration Week: Our Traditions and Our Future.

VACHES!, the musical

co-presented with the Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario

Do you dream of seeing Casselman, the ice storm and a cow named Caramel in the same movie? So do we. But until we get the budget, here’s the musical. Very freely inspired by a true story, VACHES, the musical tells how Jean, a farmer, will try to save hundreds of cows from certain death despite the obstacles: his urban daughter, the money-hungry mayor, the soldiers who show up and the ice storm that is freezing the hearts of the inhabitants. Both funny and touching, VACHES, the musical speaks (and sings!) with humour and sincerity about living together and the resilience of Franco-Ontarians in the face of adversity.

"Juste pour rire" Show

It’s going to be funny, we can tell you that. But that’s all we’re telling you. After all, a joke’s always better when you don’t know the punchline, right?

Marc Hervieux

With his contagious smile and his legendary tenor, Marc Hervieux has charmed Quebec, Canada and the world. A versatile artist, he has collaborated with large symphony orchestras as well as contemporary artists. Marc Hervieux is happy to be back on the road to perform a medley of songs sure to bring a smile to your face and take you on a great musical journey – in French, Italian and English. Accompanied by his pianist, he has an exceptional musical evening in store for you.

Luce Dufault

Born in Orleans, Ontario, Luce Dufault transcends time and space with her warm, powerful, exceptional voice. Place des Arts will offer an intimate setting that showcases her rich talent, where her unique voice will shine through the highlights of her vast repertoire, as well as songs from her new album. Luce Dufault is a true performer in every sense of the word, one whose every note, every word endures long after the house lights have come on. Don’t miss this date with a voice that gives life to the most beautiful emotions!

Partner : Club Richelieu de Sudbury

The 9th Nuit émergente

A dozen artists playing musical hide-and-seek all over the building. At every turn, you just might find the next big thing, or your new favourite band. A free-form festival where you choose your own adventure, and where there are no bad choices. Wherever you end up is exactly where you’re meant to be. La Nuit Émergente has been creating memorable musical encounters in unconventional spaces for nearly 10 years now. With Place des Arts as its new playground, who knows what awaits unsuspecting music lovers this year?

More information to come!

Artistic Residence: Martine Fortin

Martine Fortin, a French-Canadian singer-songwriter from Sudbury, draws her inspiration from folk, alternative and soul music and from artists such as Amylie, Michelle Willis, Alicia Keys, Lianne LaHavas, Louis-Jean Cormier and Norah Jones. Her candid style recounts the difficult lessons that helped her grow into the young woman she is today.
Martine’s spellbinding words and melodies have opened the doors to a myriad of festivals in Ontario and Quebec, and have led her to produce a highly anticipated debut album, with the support of the Ontario Arts Council and La Slague. 

Artistic Residence: Aurel

Born into a multicultural family, Aurel (aka Cecilia-Aurel Rodriguez-Beaudoin) has always written songs in the three languages that she grew up with: Spanish, French and English. Her style has also been influenced by Latin and North American artists such as Selena Quintanilla, Regina Spektor, Natalia Lafourcade and Klô Pelgag. Aurel masterfully blends piano and poetry on her first trilingual EP, Piano Sessions en el Naufragio, released on December 9, 2021.