La Slague’s 2018-19 season brings a wind of delight!

La Slague is proud to present its 13th season as a “wind of delight”, in the form of uplifting concerts and comedy events for Sudbury audiences of all ages and interests.

There’s a lot to look forward to in this year’s roster of big-name stars and up-and-coming talent, including singers Damien Robitaille and Claude Dubois, comedians Katherine Levac, and Jean-Michel Anctil, and alt-scene sensations Elisapie, Philippe Brach and Lior Shoov.

This is the “year of the dandelion” for La Slague, as this resilient and pervasive little flower is called upon to symbolize not only this exciting season, but also the sense that Sudbury’s arts scene has the wind at its back. Since its rebirth in 2006, La Slague has presented 200 or so events to Sudbury audiences, and 2019 will mark the arrival of Sudbury’s exciting new Place des Arts project. La Slague invites audiences to spread their wings and ride a wind of delight.

Here is an overview of La Slague’s 2018-2019 season.

Damien Robitaille at le French Fest

At last, Damien Robitaille is back in town! Sudbury audiences were among the first to witness his debuts on stage as a truly unique singer-songwriter. Since those early days, he has become one of the most sought-after performers in Quebec, with a string of hugely popular albums. His fourth, Univers parallèles, shimmers with gospel-like female harmonies and his knack for catchy tunes and inventive lyrics is a fresh as always. We love our Damien!

Katherine Levac at le French Fest

Here’s another Franco-Ontarian performer who is making it big in Quebec. Comedian Katherine Levac’s disarming charm and wry wit have made her a well-loved TV star. Now she conquers the stage in “Velours”, her first solo stand-up comedy performance. Her thoughts and observations on life as a young woman of today are hilariously on the mark. In her velvet glove, there’s an iron fist!

Lior Shoov

This young Israeli multi-instrumentalist travels the world with a collection of unusual instruments in tow. Ukulele, Hang drum, plastic tubes, harmonica, toys, knee percussions and tambourines mingle in a mix of world music, body play and in-the-moment inventiveness. Effortlessly she jumps from one universe to another in a truly unique performance that breaks down the boundary between stage and public space.

Jean-Michel Anctil

Our quest for the perfect life is the fodder for Jean-Michel Anctil’s stand-up comedy. Image and appearances are everything nowadays. But what if all those things we do to look prettier, thinner, younger, richer and happier only make us look ridiculous? Foolishness is always good for a laugh. Take it from a guy who knows!

Phillipe Brach at la Nuit émergente

An evening in song with Philippe Brach is an adventurous excursion through deeply moving themes, both personal and universal. The winner of the 2015 Felix revelation of the year award continues to captivate and impress audiences that revel in his playful and theatrical world. Sudbury welcomes a rising artist whose renown extends across Canada after his recent 120-show tour.

Claude Dubois

Claude Dubois is a living legend. After a career spanning sixty years, he enthusiastically presents his new show, Dubois en liberté,featuring the most popular songs from his impressive repertoire. This powerful concert soars through a long string of hits by the most notable authors and performers of his generation. Come share a magical moment with Quebec’s favourite poet rocker.


Elisapie gives voice to the stark beauty of Canada’s Far North. With compassion for her Inuit people, she honours her origins in a distinctive and heartfelt folk vein that is sometimes sweet, sometimes raw, mixing Inuktitut, English and French. Her remarkable album The Ballad of the Runaway Girl is a poignant musical expression of indigenous loss and wandering.