Nuit émergente 2020

CANCELED - La 8e Nuit émergente

March 27, 2020 at 6:00pm

This event is cancelled.

This event is cancelled. Our priority is your health and welfare. Given the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) case recorded in Sudbury, and schools being closed, it has become clear that now is not the time to take any chances. The ultimate goal is to break the chain of contact and prevent the virus from spreading within our communities.

We haven’t yet determined whether the event will be pushed back to later in the year, and if so in what format. Given the many partners and players involved, we’ll need some time to examine the situation.

We’ll keep you posted. Thank you for your patience in these uncertain times.



True to its well-proven modus operandi, la Nuit émergente will present a dozen or more bands with wide-ranging styles in a concert event like no other. The performances take place in several venues, large and small, all within Collège Boréal. With their maps and schedules in hand, event-goers compose their own personal adventure as they explore a brave new world, discovering new music at every turn. The final leg of the adventure will be an after-hours performance at the Townehouse Tavern starting at 11 PM.

Annually since 2013, la Slague has proudly presented a new roster of local and national performers in an innovative context. The guest artists are all rising stars who won over La Slague’s team as they were prospecting the Franco music scene. Their styles are all over the map, but they all have the wow factor, summed up in La Slague’s inescapable conclusion: Sudbury has to hear this!

Three more names will be unveiled in early March. For now, here are the ten confirmed performers who will be appearing at the 8th annual Nuit émergente.


Laurence Nerbonne

Her new sound is minimalist and yet richly textured electro-pop with Swedish pop and American hip-hop influences. Her latest album, XO, is a sparkly bauble, easy to listen to and joyfully upbeat, but nonetheless the work of a genuine artist. She touches on themes like love in the age of Tinder and the quest for success and freedom in poetic lyrics that are all her own.

Ample Man Danse

This urban dance troupe based in Montreal creates choreographies that stem from genuine human encounters. The company recruits participants of all ages and all skill levels (hello, beginners!) to produce dance happenings that bring people together. If you want to move with the music in a uniquely memorable experience, drop a line today to

Le Couleur

This electro-pop trio has carved out a niche in the alternative music Francosphere with its tuneful and energetic melodies tinged with the misty sensuality of the disco era, along with refreshingly original lyrics. The band’s new album, Concorde, will launch in the spring of 2020.

Bon enfant

Bon enfant serves up fashionable groovy pop with healthy doses of tie-dye, garage rock and sixties sounds alongside swinging folk-rock rhythms, while their lyrics stubbornly shun the perils of adulthood. It’s the Peter Pan syndrome with a catchy beat!


Like a love-child of a ménage à trois between Erykah Badu, DJ Khaled and Bob Marley, le.Panda is a proud university drop-out supported by his parents, but rejected by TV talent contests. Le.Panda revels in attention deficit disorder channeled through multi-instrumental looping. The results are songs that are sometimes surprising, sometimes touching, and unfailingly appealing.

La Brunante

La Brunante is a series of profesional training workshops offered by La Nuit sur l’étang to young Franco-Ontarian musicians aged 15 to 30. This year, the final showcase event will be held at la Nuit émergente! Three finalists will each present three songs polished to perfection with the help of industry mentors. Here’s your opportunity to win your place in the spotlight! Email your application to The finalists will be selected in late February.

Magic Pelvis

Three guys from Sudbury got together to form an experimental instrumental rock band. Not much of a story, you say? Just wait till you hear them: they explode in all directions at once. It’s hard to believe that so much can happen in a three-minute piece of music. The band’s members are Shane Cinq-Mars, JR Beaudry and Marty Guimond.


Simon B. Jutras, alias Mclean, will present his latest album, “Une dernière fois” (One Last Time) with Mathieu D. Landry on drums and Max P. House on synthesizers. His eclectic alternative rock is rich in new sounds and striking imagery akin to Russian cinema, the smoking lounge of a derelict hotel or the depths of a riverbed. This work has won the Best Album award at the Trille Or gala.

Sonido Pesao

Powered by hypnotic brass and percussion, this band produces an amazing fusion of urban Latino dance music with disjointed vocal rhythms of rap and hip-hop. Wherever they take to the stage, the room erupts in a fiesta! Since their album Tumba Parlantes appeared in 2011, this Montreal-based outfit spreads its love of life and culture far and wide. Expect a celebración!


Revelation of the new rap queb wave, LaF (pronounced « la-F ») is a group formed of 6 guys from Montreal. The sextuor is known for their electrizing performances. « Citadelle », their first album, offers an alternative rap inspired by soul, jazz and sometimes pop.

Simon Denizart

French piannist Simon Denizart arrived in Montreal in 2011 and he didn’t waste his time to make his jazz colours heard. Inspired by European Jazz and worls music, Simon Denizart plays a music that is soft, delicate and energizing, full of accessible and subtle melodies.

Sara Gibson

Sara is a musician born in Sudbury and raised in the forests of Northern Ontario. But after spending a few summers on Lake Superior’s coast, the magic of the lake started making its way into her music, as waves of stories being told of things experienced somewhere between deep blue hues and rich greens filled with secrets.

Renard Blanc

Renard Blanc (white fox), is the totem animal of three guys who met during nocturnal jam sessions in the middle of nowhere, creating loud black holes. In an era where everything is “post-something-else”, Renard Blanc stands far away from it all to fully assume their experimentations. Don’t trust appearances, bad is more beautiful than we think.

Photography exhibition

The photography exhibition Against all odds, presented by la Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario reunites visual artists Élyse Portal, Camille Tremblay Beaulieu and Alanis Rodriguez.

The exhibition will make room for new talent too, with works from amateur photographs between 15 and 25. The exhibition is the final step in a series of three workshops animated by the three artists.

Mini Slague

A day care service is offered,
for children betweeb 3 and 10,
in possession of a ticket ($5).
From 6pm, in room 3315A


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