5 things to know about Guillaume Pineault

5 things to know about Guillaume Pineault

The comedian Guillaume Pineault is the next star to be invited to Sudbury by La Slague! His new show “Le petit 2e” is playing at the Grande Salle, Place des Arts, Greater Sudbury. Save the date: Tuesday, November 7 at 7 p.m.

So far, so good. But where to? With him, it goes where life leads!

Here are five good things to know about the life and times of Guillaume Pineault.

1. Humor is his career move.

Today, Guillaume Pineault is known as a humorist. In the past, he was known differently. After 11 years at university, he practiced as an occupational therapist and osteopath for a time. But he was so passionate about humor and audiences from a young age that he decided to heal his fellow man through humor. So, if he had studied at a humor school, would he be a health professional today?

2. Funny part-time before being funny full-time.

Guillaume got his start in comedy in 2011 in Juste pour rire En route vers mon premier gala competition. After that, he was a part-time comedian, but it wasn’t until 2017 that he jumped into it full-time. He opened for Phil Roy. He was seen on television, on La semaine des 4 Julie and on Radio-Canada’s Silence on joue! and Les Dieux de la danse. That was good enough. But his time would soon be filled to capacity.

3. "Discovery of the Year" for his 2022 show.

Guillaume Pinault launched his first solo show, Détour, in 2022. After several postponements due to the pandemic, the show was well received by critics and, above all, by a large audience. By the end of the Détour tour, he had sold 50,000 tickets! That many patients would have taken a long time to treat.

4. The storyteller is also an author.

Also in 2022, Guillaume publishes Elle r’viendra pas, Camille. In it, he recounts his love life, from childhood romances to the idylls of his thirties. From now on, he describes himself as “a humorist, now an author, but never a water polo player for the Quebec team”. Sounds like sage occupational therapy advice.

5. In the wake of his smash hit, he brings us his brand new show.

Guillaume Pineault is a magnetic raconteur. He recounts improbable situations that he says he has really experienced, and from which he knows how to share the hilarity.

Friends of the Slague, you will have the chance to be one of the first audiences to see his brand-new show, entitled “Le petit 2e”, possibly because it follows on from the first. Come along for a curative mood treatment with a hefty dose of humor. You’ll be able to say you’ve been to a good humorist’s osteopath.

Here’s a glimpse of his talent.
Warning: it’s all about exercise. Yes, the occupational therapist’s osteopath is never far away.
Guillaume Pineault et le marathon ― YouTube – ComediHA!

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