La Slague’s ticket system will have you feeling like a million bucks!

For the 2021-2022 season, Carrefour francophone and La Slague are letting you decide how much to pay to attend our shows or purchase our artistic products.

Why are we doing this?

  • Because rich and rewarding cultural experiences should be available to everyone.
  • Because all of Sudbury’s Francophones and Francophiles should be welcome in a supportive and vibrant community.
  • Because belonging to a culture and the quality of life fostered by the arts are human rights.

How do I determine my ticket price?

Following a number of comments and suggestions, we decided to redefine our solidarity ticketing categories to make them more inclusive and more representative of the public who attend our events.

We now opt for a “pay what you can” approach, so that our spectators feel comfortable choosing the rate that suits their current situation. What’s more, the Welcome Ticket gives new spectators the opportunity to discover our activities without judgement or compromise.

Here are the new categories !

Easy Peasy Ticket

Regular Ticket

A ticket to make your life easier. An ordinary, simple and easy ticket option. You want to pay the show’s worth? Then, congratulations! You’ve chosen the easiest option… with no snags or complications!


Good Scout Ticket

Solidarity Ticket

A ticket to help us out when things are going your way. You love cultural events and you want to lend us a helping hand? The Good Scout Ticket is what you’re looking for! So give yourself a good pat on the back, you’ve paid the show’s worth…and more!

No Stress Ticket

Reduced Ticket

A ticket so you can enjoy the show without worrying too much about the price. Are you a student or a senior? Do you have a lot of unexpected expenses this month? You’re always showing up at cultural events but it’s starting to hurt your wallet? No stress, we got you! We want you to enjoy the show… and get a drink if you want to!


Welcome Ticket

Free Ticket

A ticket for your first cultural experience. We promise you a good time. So your first show is on us. You know someone who’s curious about la Slague and you want them to join in and enjoy the show? Offer them a Welcome Ticket, and they’ll have fun, that’s for sure!

We would like to thank the Théâtre Cercle Molière in Winnipeg, which inspired this new payment scale!

La Slague is a member of the Coalition for Fair Ticketing, which brings together cultural organizations wishing to jointly reflect on best accessibility ticketing practices and thus promote access to art and culture.

La Place des Arts du Grand Sudbury is La Slague’s official box office.

I want to find out more!

Still unsure about how the pricing ticket works? We got you!

  1. You just want a regular ticket and you don’t feel like reading all the descriptions…so you take the Easy Peasy Ticket!
  2. You love our shows and you want to take your nephew….who’s never been to Place des Arts! You get him a Welcome Ticket and give him the gift of a first cultural experience with us.
  3. You’re new in Sudbury, and you’re curious about one of our shows… but you’re unsure if you’ll like it. So you take a Welcome Ticket to try it out, without judgement or compromise!
  4. Your favorite artist is coming to Sudbury, but your basement just flooded! It happens, we get it! You take the No Stress Ticket because you have a lot of unexpected expenses this month.
  5. You’re a student and you need to shake off the end of the exam period but you just paid your tuition fees. You take a No Stress Ticket so you can celebrate the end of the semester with us, without worrying too much about the price to pay!
  6. You love cultural events and you come to all our shows…and to all of TNO’s plays…and to all of the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra shows…it all starts to add up. So you take the No Stress Ticket so you can do everything!
  7. You want to bring all your family to our next show… so you take an Easy Peasy Ticket for you, and No Stress Tickets for your kids and grandma!
  8. You took advantage of a Welcome Ticket last month to bring you nephew to a show and you’d like to say thanks… That’s nice, we appreciate it! You take Good Scout Ticket so we can offer the same experience to another newcomer!

Still have questions? That’s what we’re there for!
Write us a quick note at