5 Things to Know About Reney Ray

Reney Ray

Reney Ray will be visiting for us for “la St-Jean”!
We’re delighted to welcome Reney Ray on June 25, 2023 at 7 p.m. in La Grande Salle at Place des Arts.

Do you know this Franco-Ontarian female artist from Kapuskasing?

Reney Ray delivers her country-infused pop-folk with sincerity. In a quest for truth and balance, she delivers her songs with raw, powerful emotion.

Here are 5 things to know about this singer-songwriter whose pen is as uninhibited as it is sensitive:

1. The little tomboy from Kapuskasing

Reney Ray grew up in a predominantly male environment: “I was born into a family of guys. I was the middle child between two brothers, in a small village where having a 3-wheeler was more common than having a doll. I could shoot with a gun and a bow by the age 5, and I could clean fish before I even started cleaning my own room,” she confides in this article.

Growing up, Reney accompanied her father to the construction sites where he worked, a field in which she worked before finding her calling in music.



2. She is an ambassador for mental health

At the age of 11, Reney suffers a tragedy in her family: she loses her father, who, suffering from mental illness, takes his own life.

This pain provoked many feelings of hatred and sadness, which she internalized and repressed. Fifteen years later, she understood the importance of talking about mental health, and grieving. Today, she tours universities to raise awareness on this important issue.

Photo : Radio-Canada – Jimmy Chabot

3. She produced a documentary for her song "Online"

In 2020, Reney Ray released “Online,” a song about abuse and violence in conjugal relationships. She then released a documentary featuring several testimonials from courageous women who shared their stories to shed light on violence against women.

Having also experienced such hardships in her own life, Reney wanted to highlight the strength of these women, and their will to overcome the adversity they face.

4. She won an award at the Canadian Folk Music Awards in 2022

In 2022, Reney Ray won Francophone Songwriter of the Year at the Canadian Folk Music Awards for her latest album, À l’ouest du réel.

“I was already touched to be nominated, but to win the award is even more incredible,” she says after winning, in this article in ICI Nord de l’Ontario.

5. Reney Ray will be at "la St-Jean"!

After several albums, nominations and a documentary, Reney Ray will be at la Place des Arts on June 25 at 7 p.m. to deliver emotionally charged songs, always with her heart on her sleeve.

SURPRISE! Eric Romanica will be opening the show! He presents himself as a newcomer to songwriting, but it’s an art he’s been practising since his youth, and now wields with maturity.


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